FAQ's page for Trailways Specialised Transport

Please find below the most common frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) we get at Trailways. If there is anything that isn’t covered, feel free to give us a call on 07 3205 1410 or click here to go to our contact page and send through your details.

What type of work do we do?

We specialise in:

    • Shop fitting removals
    • Office relocation and office removals
    • Vending machine removals and vending machine relocation
    • Computer and printer removals and computer and printer relocations
    • Specialised freight services
    • Grain Haulage (Usually fully booked out)
    • Commercial Fridge relocation and commercial fridge removals
What type of work we don't we do?

We  do not do the following:

  • Livestock
  • Sea Freight
Are you insured? Are our goods covered by your insurance if anything happens to it while in transport?

Yes, we have insurance. And yes, your goods are covered by our insurance should anything ever happen to them while they are in transport. It goes without saying that you should always make sure your transport provider has the necessary insurance.

Do you have stairwalkers?

Yes, we have stair walkers for situations that lift access isn’t available. Stair walkers give us the ability to move large items down stairs with greater control.

Do you have Sat Nav tracking?

Yes, your goods are always tracked. Our Sat Nav system lets us know where everything is all the time.

Do your trucks have hydraulic tailgates?

Yes, all of our Pantec trucks up to 7.7 tonne have tailgates. Tailgates on prime mover trailers are available upon request. The tailgates allow us to load and unload your goods in a safe and efficient manner and are used to move items such as fridges, vending machines, pallets, and other large items.

Do you have a delivery guide / set schedule?

We do have a delivery guide here. It is to be used as a guide only. Most of the time our runs do fall on these days. But to check you should give us a call on 07 3205 1410.

Do you have storage facilities?

Yes, we do have warehouse space available. To find out more give us a call on 07 3205 1410.


Can’t find what you are after on our FAQ page? Click below to go to our contact page where you can send us a message, or give us a call on 02 3205 1410 and one of our staff can help you.

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